The single platform for enterprises to reduce complexity & build trust in data

Unlock company-wide collaboration with a semantic management platform to define, organize and enrich your data. Empower data operators and engineers to move faster with advanced quality, governance and discovery tools.

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Why Single Origin?
An enterprise-ready platform that is scalable, reliable, and collaborative 🚀

Standardize logic across clouds and tools. Scale to millions of definitions. Take collaboration to another level with our UI-based semantic management that enables both technical and non-technical operators to work together.

Effortless onboarding and integration

No need to learn any new concepts. Everything is SQL based, so simply connect to your database and upload queries you are already running to be automatically parsed.

Simplify your models and pipelines

Audit your queries and discover ways to reduce the complexity and cost of your data pipelines.

Align your data operations for the long-term

Create standardized definitions in our UI. We parse your existing SQL queries to extract unique metrics, features and more.
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Reduce confusion and increase productivity

Generate a shared catalog of metrics and features. Say goodbye to searching through thousands of vague tables for answers.

Understand where your data comes from and goes to

Use field-level lineage to trace dependencies, debug issues, and ensure compliance. Control access to data at the metric and feature level.

Define once and access anywhere

Visualize your metrics and features in our app, or access via API. Regardless of how you query your data, definitions are clear and results are consistent across tools

Why enterprises choose Single Origin

We provide significant advantages compared to dbt’s semantic layer: it is easier to use and has more automation.

Curious how semantic validation works?

Check out our blog for a walkthrough!
  • Parse 1,000 queries
    per minute
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