Your enterprise’s single platform to reduce complexity & build trust in data

Avoid redundancy and facilitate collaboration with a semantic management platform to define & organize your data. Move faster and more confidently with advanced lineage, quality, and governance tools.
data stacks

Data stacks have become too complex

As you grow, increasing data demands raise costs, introduce compliance risks, and create friction for teams trying to collaborate. Single Origin helps you consolidate logic and share context.

Build trust in your data

Single Origin is the single place to define access controls, profile your data, visualize field-level lineage, and query metrics. With everything in one place, you can interact with your data confidently.

Decrease complexity and increase productivity

Enterprises that adopt Single Origin save:
  • 1+
  • 10%+
    compute cost per year
  • $100K+
    in tooling per year
Duplication Prevented

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